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If you have a specific issue or problem that needs resolving

or where a class situation is not suitable for your dog

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It is important to understand that 'quick fix' methods and the use of pressure / force

for example the use of choke chains, holding dogs down, standing on leads, yelling etc


equipment that startles or scares your dog

like pet corrector sprays, E collars, rattle cans, water sprays, spray collars etc

 often make matters worse and rarely deals with the underlying issue


Dogs that are exposed to the above will either 'give in' because they dont want it to happen again

or fight back which is very costly (for them)

This is not how to train a dog, This is not how to build trust.

Your dog won't respect you, it will fear you.


Ecollars/ choke chains/ slip collars/ Lead 'corrections'

have no part in reward based techniques


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